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What’s special about Aika?

CLIP – Clip only a section of your favorite podcast

ANNOTATE – Add a title, notes and tags to your clip

SHARE – Share only the clips and your notes with friends (because sometimes the episodes are too long!)

CUSTOMIZE – Customize forever playlists to your hearts content

PURCHASE – Buy episodes and other premium content directly inside the app – support your favorite creators

LISTEN FASTER – Increase the speed of podcasts while keeping the same clarity, no cut-offs, no doubling

Our Mission

At Aika, we’re re-imagining the future of podcasts

As a Listener, you should be able to easily access information hidden away in podcasts and find what’s most interesting to you quickly

As a Creator, you should be able to engage with your audience directly and offer them innovative content

As an Advertiser, you should be able to partner with the most relevant brands and create engaging experiences

Aika – the future of podcasting.

Join the free public beta now!